• Michelle Jones

Being Led by the Spirit

Coming to Africa, I knew pretty much NOTHING about the Spirit. Like, I knew the basics. FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT. But, that's it.

Down in Alabama we don't really talk much about the Spirit and how He works, but wow. I wish I would have always known about how GOOD and marvelous He is. It's such a deep, but amazing concept. and as much as we say we know the Trinity, there is always something new to learn! How amazing is that?? How amazing is it that the KING we serve is constantly revealing new things to us, just so we can know Him better and have a better relationship with HIM!! One thing I've genuinely been praying about is that God would just continue to reveal himself to me. I just want to know more about Him. I want to be aware to how He is working in my life, day by day. WOW, has he been faithful to answer that prayer!

This year I have spoken so much language, that it has to be the Holy Spirit. It is. It's all been because He has been faithful to answer me and give me words of encouragement! He is just so good. Let's just all take a moment to just recognize how amazing He is!

These pictures are with some people I really look up to.

(girls- Aida with curly hair and Lauren, my leader) (man- Serge)

These people are genuinely what it looks like to walk with the Spirit and they have taught me more, just by living their lives and constantly seeking the Lord, than anyone has ever taught me. So Thank you, Lauren, Aida, and Serge!

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